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nexTab enables you quickly switch, close and open new tabs with multi-touch gestures in most applications. Save 1 minute per day, save 6 hours per year!

Zero configuration, so it works out of the box. Download, launch and enjoy surfing :)

  • Switch to left/right tab press one finger, tap another finger.
  • Switch several tabs slide one finger horizontally at top border of trackpad.
  • Close tab press two fingers, tap another on the left.
  • Open new tab press two fingers, tap another on the right.
  • Refresh tab press two fingers, tap another between them.
  • Switch to login window one finger swipe through whole trackpad from right to left quickly. Demo video
  • Scroll to top / bottom two fingers swipe vertically through whole trackpad. Demo video
Working with
  • Browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others
  • Text and code editors: Xcode, Eclipse, Textmate, Sublime Text and others
  • Almost all tabbed applications: Terminal, iChat, Echofon, countless softwares...
Changelog (Click to view)

5.0 (Coming soon)

  • Added: Open link in a new tab.
  • Added: Reopen closed tab.
  • Fixed: Tap action trigger click after machine wake from sleep.
  • Fixed: Works with Terminal, Eclipse, Sublime Text 2.


  • Added: Switch to login window.
  • Added: Scroll to document top / bottom.
  • Fixed: Hold & tap to switch tab click hovered link.


  • Added: Chinese localisation.
  • Fixed: Disabled close/open new tab gestures trigger refresh tab action.


  • Added: Slide one finger at top border to switch several tabs.
  • Added: ability to enable/disable each gesture in icon menu.
  • Added: ability to hide menu bar icon.
  • Improved: much less unwanted actions.


  • Fixed: Working with non-U.S. standard keyboard layouts, including Dvorak and Colemak layout.


  • Added: Hold & tap to close, refresh and open new tab.


  • Added: Hold & tap to switch tabs.
FAQ (Click to view)
Does nexTab support Magic Mouse?
No. Apple does not allow 3rd-party apps which distribute through Mac App Store to use Magic Mouse API.
How can I hide menu bar icon?
Press ⌥ option key while launch nexTab, remember to enable Auto-start at login before do this.
How can I restore menu bar icon?
If nexTab is running, use system build-in utility Activity Monitor to kill nexTab process first, then press ⌥ option key and launch nexTab.